Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Final results from my cleanse

So I didn't blog every day my menu....but basically it didn't change! 

Here are the results: 


Weighed: 173 
Rt Thigh 6" above mid-knee: 22" 
Hips (greater trochanter): 41" 
Waist: 36" 
Chest: 36.5" 
Rt Arm 5" above elbow: 12.5" 
Total: 148" 


Weighed: 169.2 
Rt Thigh 6" above mid-knee: 21.75" 
Hips (greater trochanter): 41" 
Waist: 34.5" 
Chest: 36" 
Rt Arm 5" above elbow: 12" 
Total: 145.25" 

Totals: 3.8 lbs lost and 2.75 inches!! 

Woohoo!!! Not bad for 10 days!! 

Now onto the next phase....which is my MNS strips (vitamins) and eating well balanced meals and sancks. 


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Cleanse Day 4 with pic of my dinner

woke up 10:00
10:05 Spark + 3 Catalyst + Probiotic Restore
**wrote my To Do list for the day!!
10:30 Berry Shake
12:45 Spark + 3 Catalyst
1:15  Mixed greens, cucumber, grilled chicken, balsamic vinegar
4:00 Brown Rice Cake, Almond Butter, Slice Strawberries
6:15 handful of nuts and dried cranberries
8:30 Grilled Chicken, Steamed Broccoli, Brown Rice + 6-OmegaPlex

1+ gallon of water drank

Upper body and core today.  Also cleaned the upstairs and stripped the bedding.  Not sure I am eating enough or just maybe today's times are off with waking later but I was hungrier today than normal.  Plan to definitely make sure to get all the snacks in tomorrow.

Who knew you could eat like this on a cleanse???

Monday, July 25, 2011

Advocare Cleanse Day 3

woke up 7:15 
7:30 Spark + 3 Catalyst + Fiber Drink 
**wrote my To Do list for the day!! 
8:00 Vanilla Shake 
10:30 hard boiled egg + grapefruit 
3:00 Spark + 3 Catalyst 
3:30 Mixed greens, cucumber, grilled chicken, balsamic vinegar 
5:30 handful of nuts and dried cranberries 
7:00 Mixed greens, cucumber, grilled chicken, balsamic vinegar + 4 OmegaPlex

1+ gallon of water drank 

I wasn't planning on eating dinner after golf but it ended up being a networking type of deal so I was able to talk about Advocare which was pretty cool. 

On another note: Found the To Do list VERY helpful for keeping me on track today!!! Highly recommend it!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Advocare Cleanse Day 1+2 Information and Food Log

I am using Advocare (you may have caught that since it is also the product that I have stated that I sell). I used to hate cleanses because most of them are all about only pills and liquid. This one allows you to eat...as long as it is clean eating (basically veggies and lean proteins, with fruits and nuts and eggs as snacks). Limited carbs but not eliminating them. You take a fiber drink in the morning 6 out of 10 days and end it with probiotics. Also, you start your day off with an energy drink...120 mg of caffeine (about a cup of coffee) and a ton of vitamins. I have not had jitters with this...and I am sensitive to caffeine. I don't get the highs and lows like with sodas and coffee just a very alert and energetic feeling. 

I have been on these products for about 8 months and most of the 25 lbs I have lost have been during this period. I have had so much more energy and it has allowed me to exercise more and that has alleviated some of my pain. I would not BS my friends about things like this or invest my time and money in this type of things if I thought it wasn't working. 

Ok with the intro out of the way...I am going to be posting what I have eaten and the times. 

Weighed: 173 
Rt Thigh 6" above mid-knee: 22" 
Hips (greater trochanter): 41" 
Waist: 36" 
Chest: 36.5" 
Rt Arm 5" above elbow: 12.5" 
Total: 148" 

**I used a new measuring tool from GNC...LOVE IT! 

woke up 9:30 
9:45 Spark + 3 Catalyst + Fiber Drink 
10:15 Vanilla Shake 
12:00 Handful of nuts/dried cranberries 
2:00 Seared Ahi Tuna Salad--Ahi Tuna, Mixed Greens, half avocado, half tomato....dipped in less than an ounce of pesto/wasabi/olive oil and drizzled with balsamic vinegar 
3:45 Spark + 3 Catalyst 
4:15 Celery and 2 tbsp hummus 
6:00: Grilled Chicken (3-4 oz) 1.5 cups steamed green beans with garlic sprinkled on it 

1+ gallon of water drank 

**still full at night time snack time. A bit worried about the lunch as even though I followed the plan was unsure about the sear and the pesto mixture as I was out at restaurant. I did have all the sauces on side and barely used any of it. Need to increase freggie intake. 

Overall feel pretty good about the day! 


woke up 9:30 
9:45 Spark + 3 Catalyst + Fiber Drink 
10:15 Vanilla Shake 
12:30 hard boiled egg + orange 
2:00 Spark + 3 Catalyst 
2:30 Mixed greens, cucumber, grilled chicken, balsamic vinegar 
4:15 handful of nuts and dried cranberries 
6:20 handful of nuts and dried cranberries 
8:00 Steamed green beans and grilled chicken + 4 OmegaPlex 

1+ gallon of water drank 

Well considering at 1pm I was asked if I could go to play darts right then...I threw my meals together in a bag and went. I should have eaten dinner earlier but the timing of travel was off so that was why there was back to back nuts. Considering I was in a bar and playing darts, I didn't drink and I still ate well. I will deem it an ok day. It could have been better....but it could have been heck of alot worse.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Stop Putting Off LIVING!!!

I came to a realization this week.  I think that there are many miserable people out there.  Everyone is so busy going from one thing to another to make ends meet or to get more money or what not that I think somewhere along the way we all lost why we do these things.  Let me back up.

As many of you know my father passed away when I was 10.  Now most of you may think that this is what has caused me to think that life is short and we must cease what we have and run with it.  However, it isn't.  It was the aftermath that became my mother's life.  When my father was alive, yes he went to work every day.  And he worked hard being he was a sheet metal worker.  But he played even harder.  Now not every one (including me) would agree with his method of fun/play/release but at least he did it. My mother would to some extent as well, but I don't think it was her choice...but that is another story for another blog.

When he passed, it was like all that stopped.  And nothing replaced it.  She worked and took care of me.  Made sure I had all that I needed.  But didn't take care of her own "fun" needs really.  Now she works and takes care of my grandmother.  Again, I don't know if she has ever found her fun or relaxation or zen or whatever you want to call it.

I don't want to become my mother.  And I don't think neither do my sisters.  If you look at how we have lived our lives as of late you could see what I mean.  I am not saying we are shirking our financial duties but priorities are just not that of work and that is it.  I am no longer interested in making money, rather I would rather do something that I love.  However, that is not always possible due to the fact that there are still bills that need to be paid and I don't think the bill collectors will let me pay with passion.  I also realize that I am in a great position (especially in this economy) to be able to even have a great career and still be able to pursue my passion. 

I just wish more people would learn to enjoy life now.  Stop putting things off.  Stop saying "some day" to things that you CAN do today.  I do realize there are things that you may want to do that may have to be put on hold, but there are MANY things that you CAN do now. 

I was asked on Facebook how I possibly do all the things that I do.  To me, it actually came as a surprise.  I don't think that I do all that much.  I feel like I have more down time than I should.  I am done letting things like time, fatigue, and in some cases, money rule whether I should do something.  There are things more important to me, like spending time with loved ones.  Sure my house is still not painted...but I would rather be out with people than painting and it will get done.    I will tell you that I have not regretted the fact that my house isn't perfect.  What I have regretted is not spending time with people when I had the chance.  Or trying something new.  Or going after a dream.  

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Restaurant Advertisements and Obesity-WE NEED A CHANGE

I am going to start this all off with stating that I live in Cleveland, Ohio. One of the top cities for obesity in the country. This is not an exaggeration. This has been documented. I actually think a few years ago we broke the top 5. That. Is. Sad. Point blank. There is nothing else to say about it other than that is sad. 

Yet, as I drive around the city what do I see? Advertisement for new breakfast sandwiches toting that they are THE BEST WAY to start your morning. And what is it? Blueberry waffle breakfast sandwiches. Seriously?? THIS is the best way to start your morning? Let's analyze please. 550 calories....easily almost HALF your caloric content for the day. 350 calories from FAT! 38 grams of FAT which is 58% of the AVERAGE DAILY ALLOWANCE!!! COME ONE AMERICA! WAKE UP!! 

The other commercial ad that makes me want to scream is the one for IHOP stating that their FUNNEL CAKES ARE BACK FOR A GREAT MEAL! REALLY????? REALLY???? A FUNNEL CAKE for a freakin' meal? This is a TREAT at a carnival I thought....something to be had like once a year because it is dough FRIED IN GREASE! And now it is a GREAT MEAL??? 

Is it ANY wonder why the USA as a country is gaining so much weight? You can't turn on the television, radio, open a newspaper or EVEN DRIVE DOWN THE STREET without being bombarded with bad food choices!! As I sit here and write this I have watched a commercial for Burger King, McDonalds, Golden Corral, and Reese's Cups. And that was just TWO commercial breaks. 

What is it going to take to get a change in the nation? There has to be a way to get a grass root notion going to get change. I know in Cleveland it will be hard going but I am willing to help with getting it started. 

I am tired of being the one that has to always be special ordering things because there are like TWO restaurants in the area that actually have great options on their menu (one restaurant is AWESOME and almost anything is orderable!). All because I don't want to put crap into my body. I want whole food. Things I can pronounce because they are organic and in their original form. Is this really all that wrong? I know that the culture of the city doesn't fund it right now but it CAN be changed. WE CAN DO IT. But it takes a commitment. It takes a BIG commitment. 

It saddens me to see all the obese children out there as I drive down the streets. It saddens me that it costs TWICE as much to eat healthy as it does to eat like crap. It saddens me that people can't see how their eating is killing them and their family. 

I am tired of being sad. What about you? 

Sunday, May 22, 2011

A need for balance

This past week has really been a rough one for me on many fronts.  My schedule was incredibly hectic and full.  I feel completely drained and on empty and there is another week looming ahead of me.

I have always been that person.  You know the one.  She has fifteen balls in the air, and it looks like all is going well, then a ball drops.  And then another.  And in most cases, I don't get to pick which ball drops first.  This time I made a choice.  Maybe it is one that everyone doesn't agree with but a hard decision had to be made and for once I made it.  Let me explain more by starting with naming my balls in the air (in no particular order).

Ball #1 Relationship
Ball #2 Leisure (Darts, Golf)
Ball #3 Work
Ball #4 My dogs and their training/flyball practices
Ball #5 My school to become a dog trainer
Ball #6 My Spark Family (The Spies)

Now these may not seem like time consuming things on the outside however the casual observer doesn't know how much time that each of those balls may consume.  Ball #1 and #3 are obvious and most can relate to the amount of time needed to be put into both of those...at least if you want to do it correctly.

Ball #2 is tied into Ball #1.  These are activities that we do together.  I have taken time away from darts and it does show in my rankings nationally and how I place in tournaments.  It is something that he does not completely understand because of my natural talent for it and I could excel at it, however, it is no longer my passion.  We do spend at least one weekend a month in another city/state competing at tournaments not to mention the weekend tournaments that are local.  It is what I do now to spend time with my fiance.  Golf, I enjoy.  It is definitely something we do together and I want to get better at and down the line it is our plans in the retiring years...so I am not giving that up.  Plus it keeps me active.

Ball #4 are my dogs and their training.  I have 3 dogs and they each have their own issues.  Two are rescues and have fear aggression issues.  I am currently doing intensive training with my newest addition (black dog Hydro) and it requires ALOT of patience and time.  It takes me 20 minutes to walk 5 houses.  That is NOT an exaggeration.  My yellow dog Cali does training one night a week for Rally and the has flyball practice on another week.  Starting this month one or two weekends there are flyball tournaments.  Towards the end of summer I will probably be entering her in Rally competitions.  This also means training with her on days she is not at class.

Ball #5 is going to school to become a dog trainer.  This is 4 semesters of work which entails 20 hours of in class study (2 weekends both days) and 120 hours of observation for the first semester then an exam at the end of the semester.  I currently have 75 hours logged and about 2 weeks left to go.  The biggest issue is that only time that is not spent working with your dog counts and it has to be at an event that one of the instructors are at.   This means that for the past two weeks it has been basically work all day, come home, eat, go to Fortunate Fido get home around 10 pm.

Ball #6 The Spark Family.  I am a co-captain of the Silver Spies.  Part of my duty is to make the challenges for Thursdays and to ensure that LCW Tuesday runs well.  I have been sending the challenges out to all the participating captains and then tallying the results and posting them on the pages (yes, I know I am behind on that right now....working on it after the blog)  I also do an Informational Corner each week to help guide the team on this journey.  It also means being there for everyone on the thread in ways of support and encouragement and cheering and boosting morale and spirit.  At times it can get to be much but I do love it.  I have not logged on and read but time really has been of the essence in my life right now.  It is not because I don't love and care about all of you, but because if I don't take care of myself I can't take care of you.

Ball #7....yes, it wasn't even in the air much these days so I didn't list it out.  Exhaustion.  Is it a reason or an excuse?  I don't even know anymore.  I have been losing weight consistently without it and I don't want to even think about it at the moment but I do know that alot of it is because I have been moving non-stop so my BMR is higher than what is calculated and I have been keeping my calories in range.  But I do know that there will come a day that I have to stop this crazy juggling act and things will even out.  At that point I will have to put this ball back in the air.

So I had SIX balls in the air and I dropped ball number 6.  I had to step away from my Spark Family.  I will say I am sorry if I was needed and wasn't there, but I cannot apologize for doing it.  I currently still have FIVE balls in the air.  I have to figure out some balance or I am going to go insane.  I am sitting here typing this with two ice packs on my back and neck because of all the stress I am dealing with and I know that I have to figure this out.  I was hoping that by writing this something would click in my head.  Alas, no click occurred.  Maybe after I let it ruminate it will start to make sense.

All I know is I have to figure this out in case we decide to raise children.  I will need to have this balance before then because I don't know if I will be able to be healthy if I don't have good habits already in place.

If you are still here, thank you for reading!